Focus on digital innovation and explore manufacturing development
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Full Life Cycle Developer Talent Training

Earlier, the world’s first "developer village" was officially opened in Dongguan Songshan Lake Village Science City. Songshan Lake Developer Village builds a new innovation support and service platform around the three cores of technology empowerment, business empowerment and operation empowerment, and adopts the operation mode of "platform + ecology + expert service" to carry out services, so as to promote collaborative innovation of enterprises entering the park and forge industrial competitiveness.

According to Han Xiaobin, Director of Operations of Huawei (Songshan Lake) Developer Innovation Center, Huawei (Songshan Lake) Developer Innovation Center has created a full life cycle service of "talent co-cultivation-technology co-construction-product co-marketing-market co-operation" for Songshan Lake Developer Village, and provides a large number of incentives and support rights for enterprises and individual developers. Relying on this, Songshan Lake Developer Village will effectively promote local digital construction and industrial upgrading around Dongguan’ s pillar industries and strategic emerging industries.

In 2023, Songshan Lake Developer Village will focus on building 10 "first case projects" to build localized service capabilities. "First-case project" refers to a project or solution based on the developer technology or service provided by Huawei (Songshan Lake) Developer Innovation Center, which plays a pioneering role in technological innovation, business innovation, digital transformation scheme innovation and business model innovation in key industries or scenarios.

Under this plan, the developer village operation team will investigate and screen the first case engineering enterprises with industry demonstration and representativeness for Songshan Lake enterprises, and provide technical support, training and certification support, marketing support, business support and developer certification incentives for enterprises through Huawei Cloud, so as to help the first case enterprises. So as to promote the gathering and optimization of industry ecology.

Hynn stand out from many innovative enterprises based on its own experience and exploration of digital transformation, jointly build an intelligent scheduling application plan with Huawei Cloud, help enterprises build a digital scheduling solution for battery finishing production process, and enable enterprises to achieve production line efficiency improvement and flexible production through digital upgrading. Promote the digital upgrading of Dongguan’ s manufacturing industry and the vigorous development of digital economy.

With the continuous construction of the "First Case Project", Songshan Lake Developer Village will create more excellent models with great reference significance and value for manufacturing enterprises in Dongguan, Guangdong Province and even the whole country, and draw a beautiful blueprint for the digital transformation of China’ s industry.